FERVO is a Group of firms offering customers a wide range of services for Facility Management, Design and Technical Services, Energy Management, Reception and Cleaning, Landscaping and Civil Works.

FERVO results from the networking abilities of some highly specialized companies offering complementary services; it makes it easier to combine those services by enabling customized offerings to be planned.

FERVO combines resources, people and knowledge to optimize the response to customer needs. FERVO makes the activities of individual companies more precise and effective, and makes it easier to achieve set goals.

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The Group

FSI finds solutions and offers services that are not part of the customer’s core business but make it easier to run that business.

Eco2zone - Fervo

ECO2ZONE carries out R&D with a view to using innovative technology to safeguard property assets and help conserve the natural heritage.

Reclean - Fervo

RECLEAN provides cleaning and sanitation services for civil and industrial environments and performs switchboard and reception activities, mail delivery and pick-up, porter services and security guards.

Vme - Fervo

VME Srl is a well established Italian company that was founded to provide landscape and building management services and solutions for public and private customers.

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